Friday, February 22, 2013

CBC Diversity Opens Goodreads Bookshelf to Nonmembers

After much deliberation from within the CBC Diversity Committee, the CBC Diversity Goodreads Bookshelf will now be open to publishing houses who are not members of the Children's Book Council. For the past year, the CBC Diversity Goodreads Bookshelf has only listed books from the member publishing houses of the CBC. Now, the list will be open to publishers not a part of the Children's Book Council in order to continue to highlight the range of culturally diverse books in existence.

The CBC realizes that if this list is to operate in much the same way as our other lists, then the opportunity for publishers who are not members of the CBC must be there as well. Like the other lists, there will be a fee associated with including nonmember books on the Bookshelf. A nominal fee of $100 per year will allow a non CBC member publishing house to submit as many books as they please to the CBC Diversity Bookshelf.

There are some things CBC Diversity cannot control when it comes to Goodreads.

  1. The publisher is responsible for contacting Goodreads to make sure their books can be found within the Goodreads database so that CBC Diversity can then find and add the books to our list.
  2. The publisher is responsible for tagging their books so that they will end up on the correct bookshelf within the overall CBC Diversity list.
If you are a non CBC member publisher and interested in adding your books to the CBC Diversity Goodreads Bookshelf, please contact Ayanna Coleman at for more information.

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