Become a Partner

The CBC Diversity Committee has amazing plans and ideas, but we can only do so much without help. We encourage all within the publishing industry to become CBC Diversity Partners. 

Like many stories have taught us in children’s literature, 7 is the magic number, and there are exactly 7 things that CBC Diversity Partners must do. 
  1. Advocate, be proactive, and show your support by adding our Twibbon to your social networking profiles and our badge (found below) to your website or blog.
  2. Attend at least one event per year.
  3. Acquire and share non-traditional avenues in which to promote and sell diverse books with the CBC.
  4. Agents and editors—seek out books about diversity.
  5. Alert those in sales and marketing to initiate in-house conversations about how to sell and market diverse books.
  6. Aim to expose children in your life to diverse books and invite your publishing colleagues to talk at their schools about the industry and the jobs within it.
  7. Acknowledge the CBC as a resource. Check in regularly on the blog and check in with us with your comments, questions, and information you feel should be shared with your colleagues. 
Get started by committing to at least one of the following:
  • Participate on a diversity panel
  • Visit a high school or college job fair
  • Be interviewed or write a guest post on this blog
Let us know which ones by clicking here!

Partner Twibbon
You may find yourself wondering "What is a Twibbon?!"

A Twibbon is like a bumper sticker for your twitter profile image. By uploading the CBC Diversity Twibbon, you will promote our initiative on twitter by overlaying our icon on the side of your profile picture to show your allegiance and support. The Twibbon will send out a one-time tweet letting everyone know about your new affiliation. After that one-time tweet, CBC Diversity will NEVER send anything else out through your account.

Partner Badge
CBC Diversity Partners, you may choose from two different size Partner badges to place on your website or blog with a link to

Thank you for being a CBC Diversity Partner!