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 A myriad of news clippings about diversity in children's literature.

YALSA's The Hub, August 19, 2013: "Transgender Characters in Teen Literature: An Interview with Author Ellen Wittlinger"

New Statesman, August 15, 2013: "I Hate Strong Female Characters"

CBC, August 14, 2013: "NCALL Calls for Empowering and Addressing Black Male Readers"

The Huffington Post, August 13, 2013: "For Whites (Like Me): On White Kids

YALSA's The Hub, August 6, 2013: "A Guide to YA Novels with LGBTQ Characters"

School Library Journal, August 6, 2013: "Alexie’s ‘True Diary’ Removed from NYC School’s Summer Reading List"

The Horn Book, August 6, 2013: "Young dreamers"

Rich in Color, August 6, 2013: "Publishing Diverse Books Isn’t About Meeting Quotas"

The Hairpin, August 5, 2013: "Interview With a Feminist Mormon"

Mitali's Fire Escape, August 5, 2013: "CBC Diversity: Our Industry Cares About Kids on the Margins"

Hellobee, August 1, 2013: "Talking with children about race: Part II"

Rich in Color, July 31, 2013: "Why We Need Diverse Literature and How to Find It"

Mitali's Fire Escape, July 31, 2013: "Writing Race in Novels: The Audio Version"

Latinas 4 Latino Literature, July 30, 2013: "Spanish Magazines for Kids Hit Mainstream"

Pragmatic Mom, July 28, 2013: "Undocumented Immigrants in Children’s Literature"

YALSA's The Hub, July 22, 2013: "That’s Not Very Feminist of You, Bella: Feminism and YA Romance Novels"

TEDxTalks, July 19, 2013: "Surviving Disappearance, Re-Imagining & Humanizing Native Peoples: Matika Wilbur at TEDxSeattle"

QED Foundation, July 18, 2013: "Resources for Talking to Your Kids About the Case of Trayvon Martin"

Salon, July 17, 2013: "Gender stereotypes plague children’s picture books"

The Tennessean, July 17, 2013: "Children's literature lacks diversity, say authors, librarians"

Publishers Weekly, July 16, 2013: "'Fat Angie' Author Reaches Out to At-Risk Kids"

The Voice, July 13, 2013: "In conversation with…Malorie Blackman"

Disability in KidLit, July 11, 2013: "Tips for Research & Respectful Writing"

School Library Journal, July 11, 2013: "Learning Together: New Council to Study Latino Families’ Digital Media Use"

New York Times, July 6, 2013:"Has ‘Caucasian’ Lost Its Meaning?"

Mamiverse, June 27, 2013: "Mamiverse’s Summer Reading List"

Book Riot, June 26, 2013: "Coloring Outside the Lines: The Diversity Gap in Children’s Literature"

Flavorwire, June 25, 2013: "10 Great Multicultural Children’s Books"

Thought Catalog, June 25, 2013: "How Young Adult Literature Challenges Gender Norms"

NPR, June 25, 2013: "As Demographics Shift, Kids' Books Stay Stubbornly White"

YALSA's The Hub, June 21, 2013: "Can YA be happy and gay?"

Charlotte's Library, June 20, 2013: "A look at diversity in middle grade fantasy and science fiction so far this year"

CBC, June 19, 2013: "Latinas for Latino Literature Launches the Latino Children's Summer Reading Program"

Digital Book World, June 19, 2013: "Opportunities and Obstacles for Women in Book Publishing"

Publishers Weekly, June 18, 2013: "First Book Tackles Lack of Diversity in Children's Books "

LEE & LOW BOOKS Blog, June 17, 2013: "Why Hasn’t the Number of Multicultural Books Increased In Eighteen Years?"

Housequeer, June 17, 2013: "MORE Queer Young Adult Fiction To Curl Up With: My To-Read Edition"

N.K. Jemison, June 8, 2013: "Fantasy author NK Jemisin’s Guest of Honor Speech at the Continuum Convention in Australia"

CCBC, June 7, 2013: "A Few Observations on Publishing in 2012"

Rich In Color, May 28, 2013: "Five Wrong-Headed Reasons for Not Writing Diverse Characters in Science Fiction"

School Library Journal, May 28, 2013: "Islam in the Classroom"

Publishers Weekly, May 21, 2013: "Diversity on the Page, Behind the Pencil, and in the Office "

Malinda Lo, May 20, 2013: "The Woman Warrior and the complexity of Chinese American identity"

Housequeer, May 15, 2013: "Queer Young Adult Fiction To Curl Up With"

Varian Johnson Blog, May 15, 2013: "Where are all the black boys?"

Publishing Perspectives, May 15, 2013: "Is UK Publishing Too “White, Middle-Class” to Be Truly Global?"

CNN Money, May 15, 2013: "White kids will no longer be a majority in just a few years"

YALSA's The Hub, May 14, 2013: "Celebrate YA Books That Feature Haitian Culture"

The Telegraph, May 9, 2013: "YA books need to reflect our diverse society"

School Library Journal, May 7, 2013: "The “Radioactive Energy” of Bullies | An Interview with Meg Medina"

The Huffington Post, May 7, 2013: "Coverflip: Maureen Johnson Calls For An End To Gendered Book Covers With An Amazing Challenge (IMAGES)"

YALSA's The Hub, April 15, 2013: "Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Characters in YA Fiction"

YASLA's The Hub, April 12, 2013: "The Big Five (+1) in YA: Atheism and Agnosticism"

CBC, April 11, 2013: "More Spanish-Language Kid Lit Available in Libraries"

School Library Journal, April 10, 2013: "'Are there any girl bears?': Gender and the 21st Century Picture Book"

Latina Lista, April 9, 2013: "Four Latina bloggers band together to promote Latino literary talent to Latino readers and mainstream book publishers"

YALSA's The Hub, April 8, 2013: "A Different Light: On Identity"

CBC, April, 8, 2013: "Lynden Public Library Wins the 2012 Mora Award"

Mamiverse, April 8, 2013: "What Are “Diverse” Children’s Books?"

School Library Journal, April 7, 2013: "Hear Matt de la Peña’s Keynote | SLJ’s Public Library Think Tank"

Asia in the Heart, World on the Mind, April 4, 2013: "Congratulations to the winners of the Bangkok Book Awards!"

The Gaurdian, April 2, 2013: "My transgender novel is too personal to be propaganda"

Publishing Perspectives, April 1, 2013: "Argentine Isol Takes Home World’s Largest Children’s Lit Prize"

Bitch Media, March 29, 2013: "Young Adult Books Too Often Present a World Without People of Color"

YALSA's The Hub, March 29, 2013: "Multi-Cultural Award Winners"

Brent's Brain, March 28, 2013: ""A Matter-of-Fact Approach to Diversity" in The Elephant of Surprise?"

The Atlantic Wire, March 28, 2013: "A New Way for Gay Characters in Y.A."

Pink News, March 26, 2013: "LGBT books in California Department of Education list are ‘raping the innocence of our children’ says radio show host"

The Horn Book, March 26, 2013: "What Makes a Good YA Coming-Out Novel?"

The New York Times, March 25, 2013: "The Grown-Up Behind a Tween Phenomenon"

Kirkus, March 21, 2013: "The Busy Storyteller and the 'Busy-Busy Little Chick'"

Bitch Media, March 22, 2013: "Do Girls of Color Survive Dystopia?"

The Bank Street Center for Children's Literature, March 18, 2013: "Part I: Are All Covers Created Equal? Bank Street 6th-Graders Weigh In On RACE."

YALSA's The Hub, March 18, 2013: "Pink Book, Blue Book"

CBC, March 15, 2013: "The 2013 Rainbow Book List Unveiled", March 15, 2013: "CPS Bans 'Persepolis' at Lane Tech, Protest Planned for Friday"

YALSA's The Hub, March 14, 2013: "What We Talk About When We Talk About “Strong” Heroines in Young Adult Fiction"

CBC, March 14, 2013: "David Levithan to Pen 'Two Boys Kissing'"

Cassandra Clare Tumblr, March 12, 2013: "How do you deal with your religious values and more specifically expressing LGBT in your writing?"

Los Angeles Times, March 11, 2013: "'Bless Me, Ultima's' journey to the big screen"

Diversity in YA, March 11, 2013: "Tu Books New Visions Finalists"

The New York Times, March 10, 2013: "2 Awards Given to Promote Multicultural Children’s Books"

CBC, March 7, 2013: "25th Annual Lambda Literary Award Finalists Announced"

School Library Journal, March 5, 2013: "Kid Lit Authors Discuss Diversity at NYPL"

CBC, March 5, 2013: "2013 Ezra Jack Keats New Writer and New Illustrator Book Awards Winners Announced"

YALSA's The Hub, March 4, 2013: "Races in Reverse: A Revisit"

CBC, March 4, 2013: "Atheneum Books for Young Readers to Release Holocaust Survivor Leon Leyson's Memoir, The Boy on the Wooden Box, in August 2013"

We Love Children's Books, March 4, 2013: "NYPL Panel Discusses Diversity and the State of the Children’s Book", March 1, 2013: "Escaping Conflict, Seeking Peace: Picture books that relate refugee stories, and their importance"

NPR, February 28, 2013: "Digging Deeper On African American Leaders"

YALSA's The Hub, February 28, 2013: "Publishers Speak Out About Diversity: An Interview with the CBC Diversity Committee"

Tablet Magazine, February 22, 2013: "Coming Out for Purim"

Publishers Weekly, February 20, 2013: "PW KidsCast: A Conversation with Alaya Dawn Johnson"

NPR, February 20, 2013: "Beyond Visible: LGBT Characters In Graphic Novels"

NPR, February 20, 2013: "Discovering Sexuality Through Teen Lit"

School Library Journal, January 31. 2013: "Resources for Finding Latino Kid Lit"

CBC, January 31, 2013: "2013 Sydney Taylor Book Awards Announced by AJL"

CBC, January 30, 2013: "2013 Stonewall Book Awards Announced"

CBC, January 29, 2013: "Amelia Bloomer Project Unveils its 2013 List"

CBC, January 29, 2013: "Andrea Davis Pinkney to deliver 2014 Arbuthnot Honor Lecture"

CBC, January 24, 2013: "25th Annual Ezra Jack Keats Foundation Minigrants Call for Proposals"

The Brown Bookshelf, January 21, 2013:"Shining the Spotlight: 2013 Honorees"

NPR, January 19, 2013: "New Reading Standards Aim To Prep Kids For College — But At What Cost?"

CBC, January 11, 2013: "Jacqueline Woodson Wins 2013 Charlotte Zolotow Award"

The New York Times, January 9, 2013: "Generation LGBTQIA"

CBC, January 7, 2013: "National Ambassador for Young People's Literature Walter Dean Myers on Why 'Reading is Not Optional'"

The Huffington Post, January 3, 2013: "Why Literary Look-Alikes Are Important for Kids"

Mitali's Fire Escape, January 2, 2013: "Race, Culture, and Power in Kid/YA Books"

Publishers Weekly, December 18, 2012: "Books for Young Latinos Exist – Just Not in the Classroom "

Mamiverse, December 18, 2012: "3 Reasons to Buy a Latino Children’s Book This Christmas"

YALSA's The Hub, December 17, 2012: "Showing our True Colors: YA Covers That Got it Right in 2012"

CBC, December 12, 2012: "NAACP 2013 Image Award Nominees Announced"

YALSA's The Hub, December 10, 2012: "It Matters If You’re Black or White: The Racism of YA Book Covers"

Publishers Weekly via DailyMe, December 7, 2012: "African-American Interest Young Readers Titles, 2012–2013"

The Digital Shift, December 5, 2012: "National Federation of the Blind to Take Protest to Amazon, Denouncing School Kindle Use as Discriminatory to Blind Students"

Tablet Mag, December 4, 2012: "The Best Kids Books of 2012: From pirates to dinosaurs to baseball, Jewish-themed children's books make perfect Hanukkah gifts"

The New York Times, December 4, 2012: "For Young Latino Readers, an Image Is Missing"

The New York Times, December 4, 2012: "Books to Match Diverse Young Readers"

YALSA's The Hub, December 3, 2012: "Great New 2012 Teen Reads For International Day of Persons With Disabilities"

Whatever, December 3, 2012: "The Big Idea: Joe Monti"

The Brown Bookshelf, November 29, 2012: "A look at 2012 Best-Of lists. Considering, celebrating diversity", November 12, 2012: “YA Fiction and the Many Possibilities of Manhood

YALSA's The Hub, November 9, 2012: “The Invisible Minority: LGBTQ Teens and Their Literature, November 4, 2012: “Diversity and Difference in YA, November 1, 2012: “The Top Five Native American Writers You Should Be Reading

American Indians in Children’s Literature, October 25, 2012: “Coming up: Native American Month 2012

A Mighty Girl, October 27, 2012: "Top Books on Bullying Prevention for Mighty Girls", October 18, 2012: "The Mortal Interview: Cassandra Clare on Diversity"

Publishers Weekly, September 27, 2012: "Cover Shots: A CBC Diversity Panel Discusses YA Book Jackets"

ShelfTalker, September 27, 2012: "Be Pink! Be Blue! Be Sparkly!" But Not for the Reasons You Think"

NPR, September 10, 2012: "When A Popular List of 100 'Best-Ever' Teen Books Is The Whitest Ever"

YALSA, September 7, 2012: "People First: Disabilities in YA Lit"

CBC, August 14, 2012: "More and More Readers Express a Desire for Books Featuring Diversity"

CBC, August 6, 2012: "SCBWI Debuts On-The-Verge Emerging Voices Award"

The Huffington Post, July 13, 2012: "16 Books Challenged For Their Gay Content"

Wasau Daily Herald, July 12, 2012: "Take time to teach children acceptance"

CBC, July 3, 2012: "Ten Reasons Parents Should Read Multicultural Books to Kids"

The Huffington Post: "'In Our Mothers' House',  Book About Lesbian Family Restricted By Utah School District, Defended by American Civil Liberties Union"

CBC, June 20, 2012: "SLJ's Top Picks for Summer Reading: Graphic Novels with African American Characters"

CBC, June 20, 2012: "NYTimes: How to Read a Racist Book to Your Kids"

CBC, June 19, 2012: "Looking for Bilingual Children's Books?"

Virtual-Strategy Magazine, June 19, 2012: "Bookshare and Mada Launch Accessible Arabic eBook Collection - New Titles Expand Reading Opportunities for Arabic Readers with Print Disabilities"

Comics Alliance, June 19, 2012: "Proud Kids, Proud Books: Little Island Picks Kids' Comics for LGBT Pride"

CBC, June 18, 2012: "Russian Schoolchildren Launch Their Own 'Children's Choices'"

The Globe and Mail, June 14, 2012: "Where are the stay-at-home dads in children's books?"

The Huffington Post, June 7, 2012: "Are All Jews White? The Woody Allen Syndrome"

Publishers Weekly, June 6, 2012: "BEA 2012: Diversity Rules at YA Editors' Buzz Panel"

LGBTQ Nation, June 1, 2012: "Illinois school district bans GLSEN material over children's diversity book", June 1, 2012: "Green Lantern Shines in a New Light", May 31, 2012: "Gay comic book characters upset conservative group One Million Moms"

CBC, May 30, 2012: "Illustrator Leo Dillon Passes Away (1933-2012)"

Publishers Weekly, May 24, 2012: "CBC Diversity Committee: Starting Conversations and Building a Following"

The Huffington Post, May 21, 2012: "Race On YA Covers: Survey Reports A Continued Lack Of Diversity"

USA TODAY, May 16, 2012: "Census data shows minorities now a majority of U.S. births"

Latina Lista, May 9, 2012: "Mainstream children's book publishers do a sad, sad job meeting the needs of Latino readers"

The Ohio State University, May 7, 2012: "'Losing Yourself' in a Fictional Character Can Affect Your Real Life", May 1, 2012: "No Joke! Humor and Culture in Middle-Grade Books"

The Atlantic Wire, April 26, 2012: "The Ongoing Problem of Race in Y.A.

CBC, April 2, 2012: "How disturbing racist tweets related to 'The Hunger Games' gained national attention"

The New York Times, March 28, 2012: "There Need to Be More Nonwhite Protagonists", March 20, 2012: "24th Annual LAMBDA Literary Award Finalists Announced"

The New York Times, March 19, 2012: "Racial Lens Used to Cull Curriculum in Arizona", March 8, 2012: "Modern children's books help families explore diversity"

Writing with a broken tusk, February 14, 2012: "CBC Diversity Committee"

PW Shelftalker, February 9, 2012: "Great News on the Diversity Front – Plus Twibbons"

School Library Journal, February 2, 2012: "Writers Against Racism: CBC Diversity Kickoff Party"

School Library Journal, January 31, 2012: “Writers Against Racism: Children's Book Council Diversity Kickoff

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