Thursday, January 31, 2013

OMG Books!

First Book, a nonprofit organization that provides new books to low-income children in need, has distributed over 100 million free or low-cost books to kids in thousands of communities across the nation. The First Book Marketplace is a First Book program that purchases new books from leading publishing houses and offers them at discounted prices exclusively to schools and programs serving children from low-income families.

Now, First Book has a new initiative called Offering More Great Books (OMG Books).

Through this initiative, the First Book Marketplace will make a one-time non-returnable special purchase of $500,000 from a selected publisher (or publishers). 

For all the publishing houses out there, First Book is now accepting purchase order proposals!

Here's what you need to know:

First Book is interested in the highest quality titles including award-winning classics and new favorites. For this OMG Books initiative, First Book is particularly interested in books focused on voices that are typically under-represented in children’s books—minorities, characters of color, and others whose experiences resonate with the children First Book serves.

There are two options for this purchase order proposal.

Option 1) Publisher proposes a special one-time flat discount
Option 2) Publisher proposes a specific title/quantity list for a special one-time price

Along with those proposal choices, First Book would also like publishing houses to consider including ideas within either proposal focusing on how to spread the word about First Book to programs and schools serving this market segment and offering your eBooks at discounted prices exclusively to this market segment.

February 6, 2013 at 5PM ET is the deadline for proposal submissions. It's swiftly approaching so make sure you read the full PDF document below and e-mail any questions you might have to



  1. Hi, this is Sarah Park Dahlen. Unrelated to the post above, but was wondering if you would consider adding a distinct "Korean American" category to your bookshelf at Goodreads, as well as an "insider author" shelf? I saw the "author of color," which is good and important, but not the same as "insider author." I think this is particularly true for for the adoption books, which are overwhelming not written by adoptees. I suggest this knowing that it's not always possible to identify the author's background and/or experiences, but knowing that sometimes it is possible, and it would be nice to see those. Thank you!

    1. Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for utilizing our Goodreads Bookshelf and for your suggestions. We will add both bookshelves. There has been much talk about insider authors as of late and CBC Diversity understands readers' draw to those types of books as well. Like you said, it is not always possible to identify these authors and CBC Diversity utilizes the information our member publishing houses provide to add them to Goodreads. We will give our members the option to designate a book with an "insider author" tag so the book has the opportunity to appear in that category on the CBC Diversity Bookshelf.