Thursday, March 8, 2012

Creating an Authentic Cultural Voice Workshop

While we’re working hard to put together a well-organized Resources page for our readers, here is an interesting opportunity that the CBC Diversity Committee was privy to and wanted to share with the masses. Not only is this initiative about changing the children's publishing industry from within, but it must also be about changing and refining the literature that is submitted to be published.

The Highlights Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that started in 1985 and is dedicated to raising the quality of writing and illustrations for children’s literature. The Foundation offers Founders Workshops to educate both beginners and seasoned published professionals.  Not only does the Foundation offer workshops for writers and illustrators to hone their craft, but they also offer scholarships for attendees to go to the programs. One such program that directly touches on our initiative will be led by Mitali Perkins and Donna Jo Napoli with two of our very own Committee members, Alvina Ling and Stacy Whitman, as guest speakers at the event!

Check out the Highlights Foundation's call for applicants below to attend this exciting workshop.

Join award-winning authors Donna Jo Napoli and Mitali Perkins, as well as editors Alvina Ling and Stacy Whitman, and special guest Kathryn Erskine for an intensive four-day workshop. Your mentors will work with you to discover your true cultural voice through impeccable research, imagination, empathy, and experience. Our goal is to gather a community of open-minded children’s book authors who wish to think deeply about questions such as:
  • Who has the right to write multiculturally?
  • How do we bring humility to our research?
  • What audience are we writing for?

If you are interested in being a part of this amazing opportunity, please fill out the application and submit it, with your responses to the essay questions, in addition to your writing sample. 
Applications for our scholarships are available by e-mailing Jo Lloyd at, or calling, toll-free, (877) 512-8365.

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