Friday, February 24, 2012

Interview with Grace Lin

I love this interview Grace did with Primary Source for their Asian American Author Video Series. What Grace talks about here is very much related to why the CBC Diversity Committee exists. I found her story about realizing that a character from one of her favorite books might hate her because of her race especially moving.

Go here to watch other videos with Grace Lin, Mitali Perkins, Jean Kwok, and G.B. Tran.


  1. Thank you, Grace. Such a moving portrayal of growing up in a multi-cultural society that doesn’t know it is multi-cultural. Even to be white is to be part of a culture.

    I am very concerned about the covers of many books featuring non-white protagonists. The issues run from lightening the skin of dark-skinned characters, using cartoonish figures or abstract illustrations. Such covers convey a dreadful message. I hope things will improve.

  2. Wow, thats a really moving thing to say. Thanks for posting and having the courage to be the change you want to see.